Security is very important, GPS Sniper aims to security.

KEETEC GPS Sniper is one of the best solution for security of your car. The device can be connected with your factory car alarm or aftermarket alarm or like independent device. User-friendly control using smartphone with mobile application (iOS/Android), fast installation and competitive price put this product on TOP levels.

Why i should get GPS tracker Keetec GPS Sniper ?


Installation is not complicated, but we recommend to have it installed by skilled installers.


Keetec Products have high quality, all of them are thoroughly tested.

Cars and trucks

GPS Sniper is suitable for passenger cars and for trucks.

100% satisfaction

All users will appreciate functionality and reliability.

Unlimited range*

The device informs you about the status of vehicle on thousands of kilometers (* coverage in GSM/GPS signal).


Quick localization of position your car on a Google map.


GPS sniper has European ECE approval (EHK 10).

Extra functions

The unit is equipped with a number of features that increase the security vehicle.


Ask for GPS locator  Keetec GPS Sniper at your distributor or local dealer !

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