GPS Sniper MAX

GPS Sniper MAX
The unit is controlled and set up in the form of SMS commands generated by the mobile application (Android and * iOS).

GPS Sniper Max is also equipped with security features such as towing alert, attempted theft of wheels or using a GSM jammer. With the GPS Sniper Max it is also possible to control external devices (eg independent heating).



  • Real-time GPS location
  • Towing Detection
  • Built-in tilt sensor
  • Built-in backup battery
  • GSM jammer detection
  • Alarm SMS up to 3 tel. Numbers
  • Remote control option (when used with RF SMART v2)
  • "Touchless" control option (when used with RF SMART v2)
  • 2 outputs (1 alarm, 1 universal eg for independent heating control)
  • Intuitive control using Android mobile apps and * iOs (in English)
  • SMS Command Control
  • Ability to edit alarm SMS messages
  • Speed Alert
  • Towing alert (change GPS position)
  • Power 12/24 V.




Note: A valid SIM card with prepaid credit or flat rate (not included) is required for GPS locator functionality. Internet connection is required to display the vehicle on GOOGLE maps in your mobile phone.








Technical specification
Power supply 9 - 36 V
Operating temperature -20°C / +80°C
Power consumption (full operating mode) 26 mA
Power consumption (sleep) 17mA
Back up battery Li-On 300mAh
Output #1 300mA
Output #2 300mA
Dimension  63 x 41 x 22 mm
Weight 50g