GPS Sniper

gps sniper


  • ECE no. 10 approval accepted by insurance companies
  • Quick and simple detecting of vehicle
  • User-friendly control by mobile application (Android and iOS)
  • Live position of vehicle on google maps.
  • Geo-fence protection, the alarm is triggered when parked car moved out of zone
  • Tilt sensor for security of the wheels
  • GSM anti-jamming protection
  • Overspeed limit alarm
  • Built in back up battery for security after disconnecting accumulator
  • Optional secondary equipment (external heating, heating of the seats)
  • 24/7 access with no monthly payments






Note: For GPS locator functionality is required valid prepaid or postpaid SIM card (not included). To view a vehicle in Google Maps on your mobile phone's, the Internet connection is required.


Sample picture:














Technical specification
Power supply 9 - 36 V
Operating temperature -20°C / +80°C
Power consumption (full operating mode) 40mA
Power consumption (sleep) 16mA
Back up battery Li-On 300mAh
Output #1 300mA
Output #2 300mA
Dimension 90 x 54 x 12,8 mm
Weight 50g